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Not sure what to call this entry…

The book (also a book on CD/DVD) The Secret it is about law of attraction; many people roll their eyes when they see/hear that phrase…it seems to work for all the people who are miserable all the time and have the poor me’s they continue to keep getting what they are thinking about; so why can’t there be a positive side to it…just saying 😉

I guess it is like many things you only get out of life what you put into it…if you are stuck in the past (break-ups, divorces…), self-centered, complainer, got a bad case of the “poor me’s” you probably wont have a fulfilling life and sadly end up blaming the world for your choices in life…so get out of your own way and move on; live your life to the fullest and be grateful for the people you have in your life; be grateful for your health, your job,  the sun, the rain (we’ve certainly had our share of rain this year), the snow…the list goes on and on…

If you’re not happy with your life maybe something you could try along with being grateful is to create a vision board (or a binder that you can flip through before you go to bed at night and/or when you get up in the morning) something that will remind you of your goals and aspirations so you don’t lose sight of things you want in life…I have started my board sometime ago and yet to finish it.  So I need to get on it. 😛

Miscellaneous Quotes:

“It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings you emit as you feel ungrateful are all negative emotions. ” ~ The Secret

“Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude.’ Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.”  ~ Brian Tracy

“A person who sets his or her mind on the dark side of life, who lives over and over the misfortunes and disappointments of the past, prays for similar misfortunes and disappointments in the future. If you see nothing but ill luck in the future, you are praying for such ill luck and will surely get it. ~ The Secret

 “A lot of people feel like they’re victims in life, and they’ll often point to past events, perhaps growing up with an abusive parent or in a dysfunctional family. Most psychologists believe that about 85 percent of families are dysfunctional, so all of a sudden you’re not so unique. My parents were alcoholics. My dad abused me. My mother divorced him when I was six…I mean, that’s almost everybody’s story in some form or not. The real question is, what are you going to do now? What do you choose now? Because you can either keep focusing on that, or you can focus on what you want. And when people start focusing on what they want, what they don’t want falls away, and what they want expands, and the other part disappears.” ~  Jack Canfield (The Secret)

“Got no checkbooks, got no banks, Still I’d like to express my thanks; I’ve got the sun in the morning and the moon at night” ~ Irving Berlin

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming him, but you won’t succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Have a good weekend all 😀


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