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Happy New Year and a reflection of 2011

We wish you, your friends and family a healthy, prosperous and a happy 2012!

Remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein…if things aren’t the way you want them make sure you aren’t doing the same thing over and over again ;).  Sounds easy enough 😆

This past year went by in a flash; I can’t believe it has come and gone already.  We have a lot to be grateful for!

  • We still have our health
  • Visits to (and from) friends and family…they may not be as often as we like but at least we try to keep in touch
  • Nature in our backyard; birds & deer visit our yard this year we had baby pheasants and even a red-winged blackbird.
  • A few kayaking excursions
  • Walked three 5k walks (Walk for Kids Help Phone (I organized this one through my work and we had a team of 7 and raised over $600…Go Team!), BlueNose, and the Jingle Bell Walk)
  • We got a brand new pair(s) of roller skates and I joined fresh meat at the Halifax Roller Derby association; a few improper falls (I still fall just better at it LOL) and I am still plugging away at it and now doing some of the head NSO (Non Skating Officials) stuff (when work doesn’t get in the way of it); not to mention I’ve met some wonderful people doing something I never thought I’d do.
  • 20 year high school reunion; was a fun night
  • Took a trip to Cayo Coco – stayed at Melia Cayo Coco and did a couple excursions :p – The fish right on the beach were awesome would come right up to you while you play around in the water.
  • Went to Ontario to visit my husband’s family during a weekend of a wedding ; it was a great time too much food and drink though 😮
  • Weekend trip to Montreal to see Montreal vs Calgary – this was totally unplanned and we got wicked free seats (next to the penalty box…) thanks to S @ P&H for arranging them;
  • Started eating healthier

Goals for next year:  Hope to do a trip South somewhere, Ontario again for another wedding and a 80th birthday.  Get out and use my camera more; maybe even save up for a new PC so I can actually do some photo processing.  Be more crafty(I should say use my craft tools)…I really should do my vision board again (and this time put it up).

We are going to ring in 2012 by starting with oysters and then some Chinese food later on while watching a few movies and toast at midnight; and try to head to the Emera Oval (yes the Oval is back) on New Years day for a skate.

What are you grateful for this year?

All the best to you for 2012; and thanks for being a part of our lives and making 2011 special.

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