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Battle the Wind to Beat the Bore…

On June 10th Brian (the husband) and our friend Dave participated in a kayak race called Paddle to the Sea sponsored by the Trail Shop.  Starting point was at the ball fields in Shubenacadie and the finish line was at the dock in Maitland near Shubenacadie River Runners.

This was the first year (this was the 23rd year) that they had this many participants anywhere from 95-110 boats; and the majority of the people I believe were recreational paddlers; it was advertised as a 3 1/2 hr race I would say the majority of the people took 5 hrs  or more (there was people still coming in when the bore arrived)…it would be a long haul for sure.  When the boaters first arrived in the sights of the finish area they looked like ants for the longest time till they got near the shore.

Brian and Dave started in the water around 10:25 am; Brian finished at 3:22 pm and Dave finished at 3:27pm; tidal bore arrived in around 3:33 pm. The people who finished first place finished the race at 3 hrs and 4 minutes…they were canoeing like a well oiled machine.

Despite being that long in the Kayak I think they had  a great time…but have sore butts from sitting so long and sore arms from paddling against the wind.

I love this shot Brian took out on the water

Brian and I finished the night off with a burger and a dip in the hot tub with some PharmaSpa tiger balm aromatherapy to sooth the aching muscles.

For more pictures you can see my album here

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