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I love my Blendtec

If you’ve ever contemplated getting a powerful blender I just saw on the Costco site that they have the Blendtec on sale (only till Oct 26)  I think they do this a few times a year…probably even cheaper in store.

I love ours; we use it just about every day either for my Shakeology or making soups or seed/nut butters, curry sauces, humus, green smoothies, banana ice-cream (just frozen bananas…that’s it) and many more things. I think it would be great for parents with babies they could make their own baby food.  It’s so handy in the kitchen.

When you aren’t using it slides under the upper cupboards out of the way.  We keep it on the counter all the time because if we didn’t it would go to the grave yard cupboard for appliances :o.

This is an older picture from when we first got the Blendtec – roasted cauliflower & broccoli with chickpeas…making a soup.  Our reading is now close to 500 uses :).





We made these last weekend…tastes like fall

Butternut Squash Soup

Pumpkin seed butter

For nut/seed butters you can use the large jar that comes with the blender or can purchase a twister jar (which is what we did) makes it way easier we can make seed/nut butters in one cycle usually without having to remove cover and scrape down the jar; the twister cover does it all for your while you are blending ingredients.  It is also available at Costco but not in the store (here anyways).  You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere online I think I got ours at

I have to say I enjoy using this and knowing what ingredients I am putting into my body is a big bonus.

Anyhow take care and have a good one

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