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Day 3…extreme day

So today is my extreme day for meals… So I am having an extra carb, some fruits, seeds, and healthy fat…

I am not hungry for the most part… Just miss the carbs; I tend to go overboard with them so it’s good to take a break from them.

I love this plan… So easy even I can follow it LOL… So you know what that means? You can too. :p


My weight today was 115.2 >116
Body fat was unchanged.

For my lunch today I am having some Indian food chili chicken with rice


Our work out today was eccentric lower; we stream our workouts but Beachbody on demand was down for maintenance so we downloaded the guide and did the workout based on the book rather than no workout at all… We’ve changed so much in the past we would of walked away and said oh well and not done anything… Not anymore:)

How are you doing with your portion control… Are you on track to your health & fitness goals?

If you are stuck contact me…I can help you get going on a new path 🙂

Have a good day.
Coach SLang 🙂

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