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Our Results from P90

We finished up the P90 program on February 14th…All in all it is a great program; we never missed a day and followed for the most part the 21 Day Fix Portion program.  I didn’t lose the inches I did with 21 Day Fix but still improved my health so that’s the main thing.

Brian’s details

Nov 17 Weight 164; Feb 14 153

Nov 17 Chest 41; Feb 14 39.5

Nov 17 Waist 37.5; Feb 14 35

Nov 17 Arms  (R/L) 12/11 7/8; Feb 14 11/11.75

Nov 17 Legs (R/L)20/20 No change

Brian's P90

My Details

Nov 17 Weight 128; Feb 14 118.2

Nov 17 Chest 34.25; Feb 14 32.5

Nov 17 Waist 31.5; Feb 14 27.75

Nov 17 Arms (R/L) 11.5/11.25; Feb 14 10.75/10.75

Nov 17 Legs (R/L) 23.5 / 23 1/8; Feb 14 22/22

Sherry P90I will say that we didn’t fully apply ourselves with having wine with meals. So I think what we might of shaped up to be if we had of fully stuck to the plan..but such is life…it’s still an improvement from where I was.

We are awaiting the arrival of 21 Day Fix Extreme; so in the meantime we are doing PiYo 😀

Since I started this journey in April 2014 I’ve lost 26.4lbs (started at 144.6) and lost 8.25″ off my stomach area…comes off slow but at least it comes off!

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

What’s Your Why?

I guess in my last post I realized that my why for healthy lifestyle changed…in the beginning I was just tired of people constantly asking me if I was expecting (people I didn’t know as well as coworkers…) so that was my beginning of why I started this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

My why is now to be as healthy as I can be…if I was to ever get sick and wasn’t healthy (or somewhat healthy) that there is a chance I could never recover; which unfortunately I was headed in that direction (eating excessive, drinking and no and I mean no activity)…I don’t want to be in that situation…I am sure no one wants to be in that situation ever or see people go through it…

With all things something gets you started and your reasons for doing it change…that’s the cycle of life.  In the beginning I guess it was more image but now it’s changed to a better lifestyle for the future.

What is your why?  Vacation, to play with your kids, run a marathon, go for walks and not be winded…


Journey to Healthy Living

We just finished P90 Day 60 on Thursday and I couldn’t be happier…my body is getting firmer and I am still eating healthier.  We are currently working out to the P90 program along with the 21 Day Fix Portion Control system…


P90 Day 1 & 60

Since April 2014 I’ve lost 24.5 lbs and almost 10″ off by belly bump (it’s where my stomach scar is really pronounced).  I Have really nice definition forming in my arms and legs.

It’s not about sizes, or being skinny it’s about eating healthy and living well…last thing I (or anyone) wants is end up sick and have poor or no recovery because they were in such bad shape that they couldn’t recover and get back to normal.10906408_10152511265365633_5057729860869721200_n[1]

With winter here it is a bit harder to get out for my walks to get my 10000 steps a day but I still manage to get in my workouts so that’s pretty good…30 minutes or 10000 steps is the minimum I do but I would really love to do both.

How are you doing on your goals you’ve set for yourself?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Beachbody programs…they’ve truly changed my life 🙂




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