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A new venture…

Been a lag in my posts; I’ve been so busy lately with work…I work in IT so it’s a pretty thankless job at times by the end of day sometimes I don’t feel like being sociable and find it hard to wrap my head around things.

But the good news is we are still at our exercises; we’ve finished our first month of P90 and will be doing a weigh in and measurements on Tuesday…if I can find my camera I will try to post before and after photos.  I notice I am a bit more toned and have lost a few pounds so we shall see. 😀


In November I decided to take my Beachbody discount coaching to a new level and be more active in the coaching side and see if  I could inspire others to live an active life and healthy lifestyle.  I’ve started a Facebook page where I try to post motivational items for inspiration.

So what is a Beachbody coach – well to me it is someone who helps motivate you and keep you accountable to your fitness routine.  Help you stick to your Beachbody program and reach your goals.  Beachbody has two memberships (one is free) where you can have access to various things on their website including a coach for guidance and access to online super gym you can see more info here; I’d love to help you reach your fitness aspirations so where it says coach you can put my name down – Sherry Lang 🙂

So here is a typical workday for me:

  • up at 5 am and do our workout
  • shower and head to work
  • lunchtime go for a walk (I try to have the majority of my 10000 steps done by 2pm)
  • home around 5pm and get supper ready…
  • put our lunches together (while supper is cooking) only takes a few minutes because we take an hour on Sundays and cut up veggies and get salads ready for the workweek.
  • probably wrapped up by 6:30 and then have the rest of the evening to ourselves to unwind…then to bed by 9 9:30 at the latest.

Meal prep Sunday


Here is my before and after since taking on Beachbody 21 Day Fix & Shakeology

Before & CurrentAs always any questions you can comment below or send me a private message.

xo SL

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