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Cayo Coco, Cuba 2011

So we’ve been back from Cayo Coco for less than a month now and it has been overcast or rainy pretty much every day…things could be worse considering the weather mother nature is dishing out around the world.  Hopefully things work out for these people who have lost their friends, families and belongings because of the forces of nature.

A little review of our trip…we travelled with Air Canada EC and stayed in a junior suite at Melia Cayo Coco next to the Beach grill and path to the beach.  It was nice to wake up to the waves rolling into shore and the birds singing in the trees (I do wake up here  to birds singing here but not the rolling waves 🙂 ).

The resort was nice and compact not too far to get from our room to the beach to the pool and restaurants.

Food – there were 3 a-la-carte restaurants International which was on the lagoon (seafood and French style food); Italian which was above the pool bar(loved the smoked salmon pasta); and the beach grill (seafood, chicken and pork).  There was also a full buffet with all the goods.  Food overall to us was good, of course it’s different from what we eat at home but to us that’s part of the experience of travelling is trying different things.  The best coffee that we found was at the lobby bar, the buffet coffee was not so good.


Activities – There is one swimming pool it is quite huge, we never found it over crowded in the pool but we did sometimes find it hard to get a lounge bed but managed.  There are some lawn games, archery, tennis and variety of other sports.  They also have a company that provides dancing lessons and Pilates as well as pool sports like volley ball and basket ball and Kayak racing in the pool.  You can also snorkel a bit off the beach we saw a few fish and when you first get in the water the fish come right  up to you looking for bread crumbs…so cool.  There is also a schedule activities you get when you check in that lists things like the train to Flamenco beach (nice beach bring your snorkel gear…lots and lots of starfish) the area has mangroves on the other side so there is a smell from that but if you are out swimming you probably wont notice it; they also take you into the bat cave (the bats seemed way bigger than the ones we saw at Varadero cave) which was pretty cool to see it is a bar at night.

Excursions – There are plenty of excursions to pick from.  We did the catamaran cruise with lunch and two stops for snorkelling. Beware that if you are drinking rum they mix the drink quite strong probably 60/40 (or more) and with the heat and sitting down you don’t realize how intoxicated you are…I did not last this night and was in bed before supper (waste of a night…).  We also did the excursion to Moron there was plenty to do; horse carriage ride through the city, speed boat ride in the mangroves, walk around the city, lunch and a couple of bands that played music and at the end of lunch they gave us each a bottle of their Cuban “medicine” Havana club white rum.  The tour guide for this trip was entertaining.

Other – the grounds were covered in flowers and the grass as lush as it can get in Cuba considering they haven’t had any rain since November ’10.  We took a walk to the Tryp Cayo Coco  to look at the resident flamingos and the resorts along the way did not look as colourful as the Melia (and after a long winter it was great to see the flowers at our resort).  We did eat lunch at the Tryp their buffet was good.  Lots of birds to see at the Melia Cayo Coco: hawks, heron’s on the lagoon, humming-birds and above the reception desk there was even a humming-bird building a nest there; even saw a snake on the first day under my lounge bed at the beach grill area – so I mentioned this to one of the tour guides and she said there is no poisonous snakes in Cuba only men…LOL.  There is a bus that will take you from the hotels up to Pillar Beach it is air-conditioned and costs $5(return)

Best Mojitos were at the pool bar!

If you are looking for a relaxation and sunshine we totally recommend this resort.  We loved atmosphere and the staff were really pleasant.

Take care for now


Cuba bound…again

Varadero Beach, Cuba

This time we are headed off to Cayo Coco and really looking forward to the relaxation…I will do a review on Trip Advisor when we return in April :)…the countdown to food (we don’t have to cook), drinks, snorkelling and checking out the sites is on baby!

Melia Cayo Coco is in Cayo Coco which is an island linked to mainland Cuba by a 17km road over the sea.  Named after the coco bird/white Ibis…

Here are the reviews from Trip Advisor (I always check this site for pretty much everything even a local things…but you can’t take everything there to word for word some people just have  bad days, like to complain or expect way too much it is just nice to have an idea of what to expect)

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