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Day 3…extreme day

So today is my extreme day for meals… So I am having an extra carb, some fruits, seeds, and healthy fat…

I am not hungry for the most part… Just miss the carbs; I tend to go overboard with them so it’s good to take a break from them.

I love this plan… So easy even I can follow it LOL… So you know what that means? You can too. :p


My weight today was 115.2 >116
Body fat was unchanged.

For my lunch today I am having some Indian food chili chicken with rice


Our work out today was eccentric lower; we stream our workouts but Beachbody on demand was down for maintenance so we downloaded the guide and did the workout based on the book rather than no workout at all… We’ve changed so much in the past we would of walked away and said oh well and not done anything… Not anymore:)

How are you doing with your portion control… Are you on track to your health & fitness goals?

If you are stuck contact me…I can help you get going on a new path 🙂

Have a good day.
Coach SLang 🙂

Getting Back on Track

Today I’m getting my portion control and healthy eating back on track.    I did this before and I still have the tools to do it again. That’s the thing I love about these programs…the investment is really lifelong knowledge.  They give you tools, and show you how to use them and you have them forever.

The workouts are a pointless if I am just going to stuff myself (not always good food) and drink wine foolishly.


My meals are planned for the week and I’m going to get it done 🙂

Weight 118.4
Body fat 26.5%

Meals today – Shakeology, lean meats, veggies, eggs, sweet potato, cottage cheese…

Following the countdown to competition plan…I love it.


If I can do it so can you…what are you waiting for!

Have a good one 🙂


Results from 3 Day Refresh

Finished the 3 day refresh on Monday night… weighed in and did measurements first thing on Tuesday.

I had a loss of 4.6 pounds and 4 inches…🏆I only took measurements on my belly bump scar, belly button and hips.

Overall I didn’t find it too hard… First day I had a bit of a headache…Of course I wanted my munchies and carbs…steak but it was only for 3 days so I knew I could have that in no time.  I have to say the only thing is I don’t think I would do this on a weekend next time… Just because you are out doing stuff and you might get a bit weak from the change of diet… Plus if you want to socialize it would be a bit hard… Especially if you get the hangries…

Side effects I had were head ache and some gas:o…also we ate pretty much the same meals  and didn’t workout just walked around 10,000 steps daily.

Next one is in about 3 months. ..I told Brian it wasgoing to be Labor Day weekend he promptly told me off….lol😂


3 Refresh Day 2 here I Come

3 Day Refresh

On Day 1 I have to say I was impressed on how I didn’t get very hangry… There were times I got hungry once before lunch… And then before bed but I stayed up close to two hours longer than I normally do.


Lunch I found was the most filling…salad, berries and a the vanilla fresh shake.


At bedtime I found I had a headache… And woke up with one but had a few sips of coffee and it is gone so maybe it was caffeine withdrawal.

Day 1 – I lost 2.8 lbs around 1.5″ of my belly area.

3 Day Refresh – Day 1

Today I begin the 3 Day Refresh.  I am nervous and excited to see what results it will bring…especially after eating out at restaurants all last week.


Day 1 Measurements –

  • Weight 119.2 lbs
  • Bellybutton & bump at scar – 29.25″
  • Hips 37″

Breakfast was Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and some cantaloupe; now off to have a green tea

Our 21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I realized I never posted about our experience with the 21 Day Fix Extreme…when we were finishing up the last 3 days of the program I had cold that eventually turned to a sinus cold that lasted for almost a month…I did however manage to finish the program.

I love the workouts on this program…the pilates one takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get the proper resistance band it isn’t that bad.  My husband is quite a bit taller than me he had more trouble the band he had was to heavy of resistance…I think it was a 30 lb and the program calls for a 15 lb resistance.

My favourite work out which I thought would be the one I didn’t like was the Plyo workout…awesome.  I switched where I needed to for modified vs non-modified workout…modifier workout is not that bad actually.

I did the countdown to competition plan meal plan.  I didn’t find it too bad after the first couple days.  Brian did the maintaining current weight program (wasn’t in it for weight loss just to maintain his current weight)

Overall I am happy with this program and I will do it again. I love the results and I know a few rounds of doing it (probably just the extreme meal plan not the countdown to completion plan every time) you could look pretty ripped.

Our results…Not bad for 21 days of effort!

Brian Start Feb 23, 2015 End March 16, 2015
Weight 156.8
Chest 39.75 39
Right Arm 12 11.5
Left Arm 11.75 11.5
Waist 34.5 34
Hips 36.5 34.75
Right Leg 19.5 19.75
Left Leg 19 20
Total  Lost Weight – I need to confirm but I think it was around 5lbs Inches –  3.5”
Sherry Start Feb 23, 2015 End March 16, 2015
Weight 122 112.6
Chest 33.5 32.75
Right Arm 11 10.75
Left Arm 11 10.5
Waist 29 27.25
Hips 36.5 30.5
Right Leg 22 21
Left Leg 22 21.25
Total  Lost Weight – 9.4 Inches –  10.25

Brian’s Results for 21 Day Fix Extreme Maintaining Weight Meal Plan


My Results 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Meal Plan


My Results 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Meal Plan


Our Results from P90

We finished up the P90 program on February 14th…All in all it is a great program; we never missed a day and followed for the most part the 21 Day Fix Portion program.  I didn’t lose the inches I did with 21 Day Fix but still improved my health so that’s the main thing.

Brian’s details

Nov 17 Weight 164; Feb 14 153

Nov 17 Chest 41; Feb 14 39.5

Nov 17 Waist 37.5; Feb 14 35

Nov 17 Arms  (R/L) 12/11 7/8; Feb 14 11/11.75

Nov 17 Legs (R/L)20/20 No change

Brian's P90

My Details

Nov 17 Weight 128; Feb 14 118.2

Nov 17 Chest 34.25; Feb 14 32.5

Nov 17 Waist 31.5; Feb 14 27.75

Nov 17 Arms (R/L) 11.5/11.25; Feb 14 10.75/10.75

Nov 17 Legs (R/L) 23.5 / 23 1/8; Feb 14 22/22

Sherry P90I will say that we didn’t fully apply ourselves with having wine with meals. So I think what we might of shaped up to be if we had of fully stuck to the plan..but such is life…it’s still an improvement from where I was.

We are awaiting the arrival of 21 Day Fix Extreme; so in the meantime we are doing PiYo 😀

Since I started this journey in April 2014 I’ve lost 26.4lbs (started at 144.6) and lost 8.25″ off my stomach area…comes off slow but at least it comes off!

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

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