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A new venture…

Been a lag in my posts; I’ve been so busy lately with work…I work in IT so it’s a pretty thankless job at times by the end of day sometimes I don’t feel like being sociable and find it hard to wrap my head around things.

But the good news is we are still at our exercises; we’ve finished our first month of P90 and will be doing a weigh in and measurements on Tuesday…if I can find my camera I will try to post before and after photos.  I notice I am a bit more toned and have lost a few pounds so we shall see. 😀


In November I decided to take my Beachbody discount coaching to a new level and be more active in the coaching side and see if  I could inspire others to live an active life and healthy lifestyle.  I’ve started a Facebook page where I try to post motivational items for inspiration.

So what is a Beachbody coach – well to me it is someone who helps motivate you and keep you accountable to your fitness routine.  Help you stick to your Beachbody program and reach your goals.  Beachbody has two memberships (one is free) where you can have access to various things on their website including a coach for guidance and access to online super gym you can see more info here; I’d love to help you reach your fitness aspirations so where it says coach you can put my name down – Sherry Lang 🙂

So here is a typical workday for me:

  • up at 5 am and do our workout
  • shower and head to work
  • lunchtime go for a walk (I try to have the majority of my 10000 steps done by 2pm)
  • home around 5pm and get supper ready…
  • put our lunches together (while supper is cooking) only takes a few minutes because we take an hour on Sundays and cut up veggies and get salads ready for the workweek.
  • probably wrapped up by 6:30 and then have the rest of the evening to ourselves to unwind…then to bed by 9 9:30 at the latest.

Meal prep Sunday


Here is my before and after since taking on Beachbody 21 Day Fix & Shakeology

Before & CurrentAs always any questions you can comment below or send me a private message.

xo SL

I did it… :)

I managed to eat well and stay active while on our recent trip to Cuba and only gained one pound.  woohoo!

As of this morning (1 week back home) I am down 20lbs since April…this is great and now toning and building muscle which I expect I would probably gain some weight. But it’s not about the number on the scale it’s about being healthy; being able to breathe when going up stairs or out for a nice walk.

This past Monday Brian and I started P90 (Sculpt) from Beachbody and so far so good…back to eating healthier and less alcohol; it takes restraint at an all-inclusive resort not to drink and eat your face off but I didn’t want to come back and start all over again so I stuck to my 30 minutes of working out or 10000 steps.  Everyday we’d walk around and probably averaged 11000 steps a day…one day we even got over 18000 steps.

We worked out a few times (mostly Plyo from the 21 day fix).  I think two days before we were leaving we saw another couple working out on the lawn in front of their room…awesome to see 🙂

Plyo workout 21 day fix

I took my Shakeology and had that down there as well…I remember getting ice put in my shaker and the waitress curling her nose up :D.

Shakeology on the Beach

Overall we had a great time felt good coming back and didn’t have to work too much harder to get to where were before we went on vacation.

Brian - The Crow Pose


Another thing we did was dance everyday; just picked a spot at the bar and danced when a song came on that inspired us to dance…not sure how good we were but it was fun.  Even took the dancing lessons when they had them at the resort.  I can’t believe that more people don’t engage in this sometimes we were the only ones on stage with the staff.

Brian and I

Will have more pictures in the next couple weeks of the sights of the resorts and birds as well as the catamaran excursion we did…Brian got a nice shot of a Sargent Major 🙂

Healthy Lifestyle on Vacation

My husband and I are headed down to Cayo Guillermo in a few days for a trip before the winter season starts.  We’ve been to Cayo Coco which is not too far away from the area we’ll be staying in.  I can not wait; it will be nice to relax and not have anyone need my help on something or complain about this or that…just lay back and get a workout in, walk and go snorkeling with my husband.  I’ll also be taking my Nikon camera with me and going bird watching and checking out the landscapes for beautiful shots.

cayo coco_0055 Web

I am kind of nervous about going to Cuba; since I’ve seen such great results with the 21 Day Fix and afraid of over indulging and putting back the weight/inches on that I’ve lost (I am at 19lbs and around 15 inches overall).  So to help stay on track we’ve written down our workouts from the videos, taking our fit deck cards and our tabata timer.   I usually do the lessons/classes the resorts offer.  We’ve this in the past on one of our trips so I hope we do it again.  I’ve worked too hard to go back and start that all over again.  I’ve also decided am taking my Shakeology for my breakfast shake. 🙂


When we get back we are starting the new P90 program from Tony Horton of Beachbody.   This program is for everyone; it has a cardio or resistance version you can work towards.  I may do this along the 21 Day Fix exercises depending on how intense this is.   I’ll be reading up on this in Cuba as it arrives tomorrow.

You can check it out the 21 day Fix or the P90 my Beachbody site.  Now a thought on the 21 Day Fix…it’s not to fix to your life it is to get you on track to healthier eating and exercising.  You know the saying it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Well this is 21 days to a healthier lifestyle a fitter happier you! 

I am gonna gloat a bit – I was at kettlebell class and at work the other day and people who hadn’t seen me in awhile call me incredibly shrinking Sherry or comment I lost a lot of weight what did you do?  It is good to say just eating right, walking and exercising more. I’ve had others comment how great I look and happy they are that I am on to a healthier lifestyle; it feels good to hear I must say.  I say to my husband I sometimes feel guilty because I don’t feel like I am trying real hard (I still eat a few naughty things or have an extra drink…but then I get myself back on track)  but I guess I eat better and make myself get up in the mornings when needed to do my workout and make sure it gets done everyday so that’s a challenge in itself.

Taken by Brian

Have a great week everyone and take care

Ok this one is a little long…

We had a trip to the Dominican in April 2014 and I had been working out to Rockin’ Body and toning up losing a little bit of weight and such…but I get to Dominican and having lunch one day I had this lady ask me if I was expecting 😮 !  Then shortly after that I had a resort worker pass by me and say awe and pat my belly (I kept walking) I was totally floored (I found it a bit amusing too…I have a drink in my hand and they think I am preggo)…this happened to me all to frequently here (even work colleagues have asked) and afar…I knew this had to change.

When I got back and was back to work they were introducing a walking/cycling challenge called Global Corporate Challenge – Get the World Moving where you compete with other staff in the company as well as companies around the world.  The goal really is to get off the couch and get moving around…what’s the prize (I hear this a fair bit)?  umm…it’s a healthier lifestyle.  I started at around 2400 steps and the weekends were almost like I was a zombie…now I am around 10000-13000 steps a day and my weekends are not usually less than 4500 steps. I started losing inches off my body it was great. Then I plateaued.

So I decided I’d try Shakeology (I kept thinking about since I got the Rockin’ Body DVDs) and use it as a meal replacement (one) which worked out well.  I started to lose some more inches and a little more weight…I became a Beachbody Coach this past summer so I could start getting the Shakeology at a discount.

Shortly after I ordered the 21 day fix…then the compliments started to come shortly after (and still coming); how they can’t believe the difference in me and how tiny I am getting asking me what I am doing that I am getting this way; this is why I thought I’d write-up this post.  You know what they say it takes 8 weeks before people really notice a change and even then they may be afraid to compliment you (you know not sound like hey weren’t you overweight before ;p )

I still eat many meals a day spaced apart.  I have more vegetables and less carbohydrates and alcohol.  Actually since I started the 21 day fix I started to eat more (following the plan they provide in the package) and lost more inches than I did with doing one meal replacement with Shakeology.  FYI if you do the 21 day fix you don’t need to do Shakeology but it does help with the cravings and meal planning.

Yes Shakeology is expensive but I feel better and fitter than have been in long time. In order to afford it I work it into the grocery budget…it costs me (as a coach) around $5 a day to have the shake (purchasing the 30 day bulk bag) – we still go out for supper and have take-out but we are more alert about what we are eating/drinking.   Each day I follow the meal plan (may stray a bit from time to time but then get back on it); do a 30 minute workout and walk 10000-13000 steps a day for me is about 8-10km according to my fitbit.

Not sure if the pictures tell the story in my face but since April I’ve lost my double chins; and for measurements I’ve lost about 6 inches around my belly button and another 6 around my hips.  My arms and legs are more defined. Oh I and I’ve lost almost 16 lbs.  I find I am happier and think more about what I eat/drink…I guess the guy patting me on the belly was the last straw and made me move on to healthier choices.

April 2014

April 2014

September 2014

September 2014













Saw this the other day…it’s a great tip!
















I know you don’t need to do/buy all this to lose weight and tone up but you need to do something and this works for me right now.

If you are interested in starting any of these programs or other Beachbody programs please contact me and I’ll help you out 🙂

Anyhow that is all.  Take care 🙂 SL

Trying to keep a healthy lifestyle

Last few months we’ve been doing kettlebells at Bell’s Taekwondo ; we use the kettlebells for a variety of exercise including the swing, high pull, snatches, squats and many more.  Really good for the core.



When we aren’t able to make a class we usually do our Fitdeck cards or play extreme kettlebell poker on our own; anything 5 or under you double 😮

  • Hearts – Swings
  • Clubs – Snatches
  • Diamonds – Presses
  • Spades – Squats
    • Jokers (pick one of the above and do ten)
  • Aces – Windmills

You can do this with any exercises.  It’s a good way to do some exercises when traveling; and it only takes an hour of the day.


Our six pack 🙂

Just recently we bought a speed ladder (for agility) and 6 different FitDeck cards to play around with…hopefully this will help me with my skating :)…having said that after the first time I went through the deck of speed ladder I thought I’d die…LOL

Besides exercise we’ve been using our Blendtec to make lots of green smoothies; some don’t always look great but they taste pretty good.  We also make soups in it using roasted vegetables and chicken broth; they are oh so tasty. These are not cheap but they really grinds up the fruits and veggies


Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli with Chickpeas


Roasted Broccoli sprinkled with jalapeno cheddar

Now that the warmer weather is here we hope to get our bikes and Kayak out 😀

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