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Thanksgiving Walk

Thanksgiving day we went for a little hike to walk off the turkey dinner we at the day before.  We headed out to Frog Pond then walked around the paths and crossed over to Sir Sandford Fleming Park also known as The Dingle…and what do you know The Dingle was open.

I was all hyped up; gotta go in and get to the top…but my fear of heights got the best of me…on the first spiral stairwell I go up halfway up before I turned around. I was like if I can make it to the next level should be fine the stairs are wider and I wont be able to see down…so up we go.  Got to the second spiral staircase and started up then lost it…huge panic attack.  I made Brian walk me over to the wall so I could lean up against it while he went up and looked out the tower and take some pictures. I didn’t really think at the time he was taking a photo of me; I may have extend my middle finger. 😉

Holding up the fort

Holding up the fort

Then we headed down and I’m still nervous; we finally get to the first spiral staircase I start panicking and talking to myself.  What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?  Brian was like your going down the stairs cause I’m not carrying you…down we went one hand on the rail and the other holding his; I don’t know if you know how narrow those spiral stairs are but they aren’t made for two people walking down at once.

I had been to the top before doing a trash the dress photo shoot but for some reason my mind wasn’t up for it that day. I had it happened too when we were in New York and went to the Brooklyn Bridge I had the death grip on poor Brian’s hand . ❤

Dingle Park & Frog Pond

Walk at dingle park/frog pond….nice colours

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So apart from that it was a great outing.  Good company beautiful weather and some nice fall colours.

Have a good day everyone.


Kayaking – Todd’s Island

My Husband and I took a very early outing to Todd’s Island Rd in St. Margaret’s Bay…he woke me at 5 am on a Sunday morning…I was not a happy camper needless to say.  He had packed up the car the night before so it wasn’t like I didn’t know we were going…but it was Sunday at 5am…5am…

He made us a smoothie and we hit the road…it was only a 20 minute drive to our spot, and when we got there the tide was out so the marsh area was a bit stinky…we trudged down to the water line and was on our way…it was very beautiful and peaceful there was no people, no road traffic.

We saw some wildlife on our almost 2 hour outing; there were deer on the shoreline coming up to drink some water, kingfishers diving in the water, bald eagles flying over head looking for some breakfast, and to top it off there was two loons near the area where we got out.  They ran along the water to lift off and had the most beautiful sounding wing flapping…I was in shock they were so close to us…just beautiful.

Oh and I was really brave; I took my D90 out in the kayak with no waterproof housing…I was very nervous…we need to get a pelican case or housing (which is about 2 grand…so wont be happening anytime  soon).

Have a good one!

A few derby practice shots

So we went and checked out the roller derby practice on Sunday; it was awesome to watch them try out different play scenarios.   I am looking forward to the bout on June 11 should be a good time 🙂

Here are a few pics with my Nikon D50 (clearly shows I need a new camera to shoot in low light…hint hint 😉 )

The Pack

Lead Jammer
PS – my skates are ordered. 😛

We have a Roller Derby?

This is often the line I hear when I mention about going to the upcoming Roller Derby bout on June 11th Halifax vs Moncton.  I’ve been somewhat following HRDA along this the past 1/2 year or more these girls have come a long way in gathering team members and having practices every week…as much as I’d like to join the league I just don’t think I have it in me…but who knows;  maybe I could do something administrative for them and at the very least be a fan.

Halifax Roller Derby Association has four teams two home teams; one away team and a fresh meat team.  The track is flat track; not banked (which I prefer…not that it matters what I think 😉 )

I don’t believe the Halifax Roller Derby Association is part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association but there is a lot of good information on the derby rules and such.   They also have information on  how to watch Roller Derby.

A really awesome read about Roller Derby is Rollergirl: Totally True Tales From the Track.  She really gets into the comeback and life of roller derby.  Hell On Wheels was a good movie it is similar to the book, and of course there is Whip It which stars Halifax’s local celebrity Ellen Page, was a pleasant movie.  There is also a movie called Roller Town which should be coming out this year their tagline is “Disco Didn’t Die, it Was Murdered”…this was actually filmed here in Sept 2010.

If you like Roller Derby come out and support the team on June 11; I am sure they’d appreciate it.

I will soon be off to buy some skates; not sure if I will go with the classic white boot with red or blue wheels or a funky short derby shoe…can’t wait for the Oval to be finished.

anyway that’s enough roller talk for now…

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