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Magic jars…they work!

We’ve been doing the “jar system” for a couple month’s after some convincing of my husband; it has been going good and haven’t been spending outside our set budget.  The jars are accumulating and that is awesome 😀  Thanks Gail for your resources they were a great accompaniment to your book Debt-Free Forever.

I believe I read on Gail’s blog that Til Debt is coming back…yay I can’t wait she is so good at encouraging those who want change and ticking off those who don’t; what I don’t is if you ask for help and she comes why would you fight it all the way for $5000 that you aren’t going to win not to mention the humiliation of being on TV airing all your business.

You can check out the Til Debt episodes on-line (in Canada)


Favourite Finance Guru

This lady knows how to tell it…Gail Vaz -Oxlade and it is Canadian focused.

I Love her show Til Debt Do Us Part; even though it is soon ending they are coming out with a new show called Princess which seems to be about spoiled people who don’t seem to be able to leave the house unless they are all done up and have the designer names on…

Those who need some financial guidance in plain English her web-site is sure to help out she has great resources  (including a college and personal budget spreadsheet to help figure out what you need to follow the “jar” system either weekly or monthly) she also has a new book “Debt Free Forever” that came out early this year (2010) it is easy to understand and to the point.

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