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Our 21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I realized I never posted about our experience with the 21 Day Fix Extreme…when we were finishing up the last 3 days of the program I had cold that eventually turned to a sinus cold that lasted for almost a month…I did however manage to finish the program.

I love the workouts on this program…the pilates one takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get the proper resistance band it isn’t that bad.  My husband is quite a bit taller than me he had more trouble the band he had was to heavy of resistance…I think it was a 30 lb and the program calls for a 15 lb resistance.

My favourite work out which I thought would be the one I didn’t like was the Plyo workout…awesome.  I switched where I needed to for modified vs non-modified workout…modifier workout is not that bad actually.

I did the countdown to competition plan meal plan.  I didn’t find it too bad after the first couple days.  Brian did the maintaining current weight program (wasn’t in it for weight loss just to maintain his current weight)

Overall I am happy with this program and I will do it again. I love the results and I know a few rounds of doing it (probably just the extreme meal plan not the countdown to completion plan every time) you could look pretty ripped.

Our results…Not bad for 21 days of effort!

Brian Start Feb 23, 2015 End March 16, 2015
Weight 156.8
Chest 39.75 39
Right Arm 12 11.5
Left Arm 11.75 11.5
Waist 34.5 34
Hips 36.5 34.75
Right Leg 19.5 19.75
Left Leg 19 20
Total  Lost Weight – I need to confirm but I think it was around 5lbs Inches –  3.5”
Sherry Start Feb 23, 2015 End March 16, 2015
Weight 122 112.6
Chest 33.5 32.75
Right Arm 11 10.75
Left Arm 11 10.5
Waist 29 27.25
Hips 36.5 30.5
Right Leg 22 21
Left Leg 22 21.25
Total  Lost Weight – 9.4 Inches –  10.25

Brian’s Results for 21 Day Fix Extreme Maintaining Weight Meal Plan


My Results 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Meal Plan


My Results 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Meal Plan


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