Getting fit for Life


I have always loved taking pictures as long as I can remember.

In 2006 I purchased my first D-SLR Nikon D50 and still use it to this day.  In late 2008 I took it a step further and decide I would shoot in RAW which I now love and suggest to people to give it a try…it is  a bit more time-consuming (but not much really).  I now have a Nikon D90 which I love as well we have an underwater camera Olympus Tough that we use when we go south to take underwater pictures 🙂

In general I only use Photoshop to crop, sharpen, use curves to deepen the photos and if needed the gradient filter…my Photoshop program is the Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Lightroom…sometime I may purchase the topaz adjust plug-in for it I just love the way that works with some pictures especially some environmental portraits and pictures with wood texture.

My toys:

  • Nikon D90 & Kit lens
  • 70-300mm VR Lens – use this to shoot wildlife pictures and for traveling
  • 50mm 1.8 – nice travel/portrait lens
  • Circular Polarizer Filter – love this for deepening the colours in photos especially nice if there is glare on the water; as well as blue sky with a few clouds…
  • Remote
  • Sling Bag

For some of my pictures check out my Flickr site.

Here is a few of my favourite critter pics from visitors to our yard

Doe and Female Fawn


Male Fawn


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