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2012 HRDA Season Teaser

Last night was our season opener…it was a great night; well attended (around 900; I still can’t believe it )

We had such a great turn out for volunteers (non skating officials and concessions) and fans…I still can’t believe it.  Last year when I helped out with their first home game I worked the door and it was the same thing just astonishing how many people had heard about the roller derby and made it out to the bout.

As Head Non Skating Official (we do the stats for the team)..I would just like to say a big thanks to our crew we could not run a successful bout without you; so thanks again for taking time out of your personal lives to help us out; it is truly appreciated.


And of course you can’t run a bout with our zebra crew “The Harbour Patrol” – Denice, Claire, Carolynne, Laura, Jora,  Doug, Joel

Final Score was Dead Ringers, 153 – Las Bandidas Locas, 99; go ladies go 🙂

Feeling Crafty!

This weekend was a crafty one for me…

  1. One idea I got from Pinterest was to change a t-shirt to a tank top…took minutes.   I used my Halifax Roller Derby Association t-shirt (I didn’t really like the fit prior…now seems pretty good)
  2. Made some roller derby arm bands (my own idea).  These took me a while as my sewing machine was working against me (fixed now).
  3. Also made a card using my Cricut and Cuttlebug; layout idea I found on Pinterest also.

 Oh no I am turning into a Pinterest zombie….help!

Have a good Sunday evening all 🙂

Happy New Year and a reflection of 2011

We wish you, your friends and family a healthy, prosperous and a happy 2012!

Remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein…if things aren’t the way you want them make sure you aren’t doing the same thing over and over again ;).  Sounds easy enough 😆

This past year went by in a flash; I can’t believe it has come and gone already.  We have a lot to be grateful for!

  • We still have our health
  • Visits to (and from) friends and family…they may not be as often as we like but at least we try to keep in touch
  • Nature in our backyard; birds & deer visit our yard this year we had baby pheasants and even a red-winged blackbird.
  • A few kayaking excursions
  • Walked three 5k walks (Walk for Kids Help Phone (I organized this one through my work and we had a team of 7 and raised over $600…Go Team!), BlueNose, and the Jingle Bell Walk)
  • We got a brand new pair(s) of roller skates and I joined fresh meat at the Halifax Roller Derby association; a few improper falls (I still fall just better at it LOL) and I am still plugging away at it and now doing some of the head NSO (Non Skating Officials) stuff (when work doesn’t get in the way of it); not to mention I’ve met some wonderful people doing something I never thought I’d do.
  • 20 year high school reunion; was a fun night
  • Took a trip to Cayo Coco – stayed at Melia Cayo Coco and did a couple excursions :p – The fish right on the beach were awesome would come right up to you while you play around in the water.
  • Went to Ontario to visit my husband’s family during a weekend of a wedding ; it was a great time too much food and drink though 😮
  • Weekend trip to Montreal to see Montreal vs Calgary – this was totally unplanned and we got wicked free seats (next to the penalty box…) thanks to S @ P&H for arranging them;
  • Started eating healthier

Goals for next year:  Hope to do a trip South somewhere, Ontario again for another wedding and a 80th birthday.  Get out and use my camera more; maybe even save up for a new PC so I can actually do some photo processing.  Be more crafty(I should say use my craft tools)…I really should do my vision board again (and this time put it up).

We are going to ring in 2012 by starting with oysters and then some Chinese food later on while watching a few movies and toast at midnight; and try to head to the Emera Oval (yes the Oval is back) on New Years day for a skate.

What are you grateful for this year?

All the best to you for 2012; and thanks for being a part of our lives and making 2011 special.

Is Roller Derby fixed?

I’ve been asked this a few times by my friends and colleuges…hell no it’s not fake!    Check out the beginning of this Roller Derby Revival video; these people were nasty.  Different time different place…derby today is more about strategically and safely getting through the pack to earn points for your team; following the WFTDA rules.  Yes we still bump and check but there are boundaries.

One of our previous Halifax Roller Derby members who is in the Annapolis Valley has even taken on starting up a valley league; maybe we’ll have a bout with them next spring.  Way to go Amanda 🙂 !  There is also another league brewing further up the valley near Granville Ferry area; they are calling themselves the Riptide Rollers…it is exploding here in NS.

As a FYI Halifax Roller Derby Association Fresh Meat intake is  the end of September; it is so nice to see the enthusiasm of the people wanting to get involved.  WFTDA Qualifications are coming up in January-February, so we can start to get teams ready to start having bouts with the other leagues. If you’re interested in joining email to find out how.

Our Halifax League was recently on the front page of the Chronicle Herald and also on CBC news and even appeared nationally way to go girls

~Sherry ~

Hey Freshie let’s Roll…

So after stalking the HRDA Facebook group off and on for about 6 months and going out to the practices to watch them skate…this past July I finally took the leap and joined up for Fresh Meat at the Halifax Roller Derby…if anything it will teach me handle myself better on roller skates. 

I was so tired and felt a little sore after the 2hrs of drills; it was a really great experience and the people they were really awesome and made me feel comfortable.  It was my only my 4th or 5th time on skates this year as I generally skate with my husband outside but it has been so rainy this past June we didn’t get out as much as we would have liked to.   BMO center even had public skates Tues & Thurs ($5).

Fast-forward to September…

So to me I feel like I’ve improved tonnes…I have a better centre of balance (very important) and don’t seem to fall as much.  I still fall but not as much but I am having trouble with stopping at high speeds (fear factor) when I get a good speed going I get a bit nervous and start thinking oh crap…I am sure that will pass the more comfortable I get.

The drills are somewhat fun (last night we did whips and weaving through the pack…last weeks we did jammer, packs and blocking…all very fun…except for the pushes ohhhh those suck 😉 ) but I have to stop thinking so much while on skates as I end up talking myself out of things to try…but it will come.  In the end if derby doesn’t work (I am no spring chicken LOL)  out at least I can skate better  plus there is always NSO (non-skating officials) positions available.

Here is a picture from Halifax 1st ever roller derby bout June 11, 2011.  Way to go!

Have a good day everyone and thanks for stopping by!

An outing to the Calgary Roller Derby

Last night I had some time after work so I headed to the Calgary Roller Derby Double Header at the Triwood Arena.

I headed out by bus (scared out of my mind but the drivers are pretty helpful) to the arena but due to the bouts finishing late I decided it safer to take a cab back to the hotel (thanks to the security guard who arranged a cab for me at first he assumed I was from Red Deer when I told him I came from out of town…LOL; he thought it was funny when I told him I was from Nova Scotia)

Daughters of Slaughter – Double Be-Header

G1 – Thrashin Lassies vs B52 Bellas


G2 – Cut Throat Car Hops vs Red Deer Nightshades


Thrashin Lassies wins the first bout by quite a gap score of 140 -87

Cut Throat Car Hops wins the bout by one point…it was close.  I think Lucy Flawless was the star of the bout…she had a 14 point Jam and got the team the win…there was a bit of drama and one skater was ejected from the game (something about misconduct to a ref).

Great bouts with lots of action; these ladies were rough.

These pics were taken with my BB in low light so they are far from great…I wasn’t sure if I could take my DSLR with me

Thrashin Lassies vs B52 Bellas


Cut Throat Car Hops vs Red Deer Nightshades


Twisted Axles doing a Panda Jump during one of the time outs…he is awesome on skates

Panda Jump

A few derby practice shots

So we went and checked out the roller derby practice on Sunday; it was awesome to watch them try out different play scenarios.   I am looking forward to the bout on June 11 should be a good time 🙂

Here are a few pics with my Nikon D50 (clearly shows I need a new camera to shoot in low light…hint hint 😉 )

The Pack

Lead Jammer
PS – my skates are ordered. 😛
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