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Working Out on the Road

I am just back from a week-long work trip to two of our offices on the west coast…

I managed to do my PiYo every day using my Beachbody on Demand Club membership to access my purchased Beachbody workouts and just steamed them from my laptop.  I still got up around 5 am sometimes early…the time change for me was -4 hrs so it was a bit hard to adjust too


Calgary Skytower…great view to workout too


Working out in my room in Vancouver…tight fit but it worked 🙂

I did have my chocolate Shakeolgoy 4 out of the 6 days on the road…I do notice that when I don’t drink it I pick at food and nothing seems to really satisfy my hunger…so this is a good thing for when I drink it I don’t want to eat all through the day.

Now food is where I didn’t fare so well…seemed like the restaurants I went to were full of carbs…had some sushi and noodle bowls and plenty of oysters.  With my supper meals I would have an alcoholic beverage 🍷🍹 two at the most. This is a huge improvement of my past where I would sit back and drink just because…but since working out the past year I find I don’t tend do that any more :mrgreen:

Oysters on the half-shell


Pan fried Oysters


Sangria – from Pier 7

Starbucks in Calgary had these awesome protein boxes…great for the afternoon breaks

Starbucks Protein Box

Starbucks Protein Box

Every day I also got at least 10000 steps.walking to the offices or out to supper at night…I enjoyed going out rain (I took my wet-skin rain-suit with me)  or shine just nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine and the very few flowers that i found.


Now that I am back home it will be great to get back into routine and follow 21 Day Fix meal plan; but first I am doing the 3 Day Refresh to cleanse out the toxins I had over the past week and get down to my target weight around 115 lbs…while I was away I gained 3.6 lbs…crazy!


Thanksgiving Walk

Thanksgiving day we went for a little hike to walk off the turkey dinner we at the day before.  We headed out to Frog Pond then walked around the paths and crossed over to Sir Sandford Fleming Park also known as The Dingle…and what do you know The Dingle was open.

I was all hyped up; gotta go in and get to the top…but my fear of heights got the best of me…on the first spiral stairwell I go up halfway up before I turned around. I was like if I can make it to the next level should be fine the stairs are wider and I wont be able to see down…so up we go.  Got to the second spiral staircase and started up then lost it…huge panic attack.  I made Brian walk me over to the wall so I could lean up against it while he went up and looked out the tower and take some pictures. I didn’t really think at the time he was taking a photo of me; I may have extend my middle finger. 😉

Holding up the fort

Holding up the fort

Then we headed down and I’m still nervous; we finally get to the first spiral staircase I start panicking and talking to myself.  What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?  Brian was like your going down the stairs cause I’m not carrying you…down we went one hand on the rail and the other holding his; I don’t know if you know how narrow those spiral stairs are but they aren’t made for two people walking down at once.

I had been to the top before doing a trash the dress photo shoot but for some reason my mind wasn’t up for it that day. I had it happened too when we were in New York and went to the Brooklyn Bridge I had the death grip on poor Brian’s hand . ❤

Dingle Park & Frog Pond

So apart from that it was a great outing.  Good company beautiful weather and some nice fall colours.

Have a good day everyone.

Battle the Wind to Beat the Bore…

On June 10th Brian (the husband) and our friend Dave participated in a kayak race called Paddle to the Sea sponsored by the Trail Shop.  Starting point was at the ball fields in Shubenacadie and the finish line was at the dock in Maitland near Shubenacadie River Runners.

This was the first year (this was the 23rd year) that they had this many participants anywhere from 95-110 boats; and the majority of the people I believe were recreational paddlers; it was advertised as a 3 1/2 hr race I would say the majority of the people took 5 hrs  or more (there was people still coming in when the bore arrived)…it would be a long haul for sure.  When the boaters first arrived in the sights of the finish area they looked like ants for the longest time till they got near the shore.

Brian and Dave started in the water around 10:25 am; Brian finished at 3:22 pm and Dave finished at 3:27pm; tidal bore arrived in around 3:33 pm. The people who finished first place finished the race at 3 hrs and 4 minutes…they were canoeing like a well oiled machine.

Despite being that long in the Kayak I think they had  a great time…but have sore butts from sitting so long and sore arms from paddling against the wind.

I love this shot Brian took out on the water

Brian and I finished the night off with a burger and a dip in the hot tub with some PharmaSpa tiger balm aromatherapy to sooth the aching muscles.

For more pictures you can see my album here

Kayaking – Todd’s Island

My Husband and I took a very early outing to Todd’s Island Rd in St. Margaret’s Bay…he woke me at 5 am on a Sunday morning…I was not a happy camper needless to say.  He had packed up the car the night before so it wasn’t like I didn’t know we were going…but it was Sunday at 5am…5am…

He made us a smoothie and we hit the road…it was only a 20 minute drive to our spot, and when we got there the tide was out so the marsh area was a bit stinky…we trudged down to the water line and was on our way…it was very beautiful and peaceful there was no people, no road traffic.

We saw some wildlife on our almost 2 hour outing; there were deer on the shoreline coming up to drink some water, kingfishers diving in the water, bald eagles flying over head looking for some breakfast, and to top it off there was two loons near the area where we got out.  They ran along the water to lift off and had the most beautiful sounding wing flapping…I was in shock they were so close to us…just beautiful.

Oh and I was really brave; I took my D90 out in the kayak with no waterproof housing…I was very nervous…we need to get a pelican case or housing (which is about 2 grand…so wont be happening anytime  soon).

Have a good one!

Men are from Turks and Women are from Caicos

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos – Mid April 2012

Booked through Carlson Wagonlit Harvey’s Travel in Bayer’s Lake, Nova Scotia

Saw that catchy title above at a few shops when we were at Ports of Call (near Ocean Club West) 😀

Brian & I
Turks & Caicos Apr 2012

We picked Turks & Caicos as we told the travel agent that we like to snorkel and be on the beach; in the past we’ve gone to three different locations in Cuba and wanted to try something different so she suggested this location as it was great for snorkeling (and scuba diving which I don’t do…I only surface snorkel with a life jacket; I even bring my own jacket along with my snorkel stuff) we booked executive class with Air Canada via CWT travel agent who was very accommodating and answered all of our questions. You rock Gloria!

We arrived at the airport; checked in and grabbed a burger for lunch then headed through security and up to the Maple Leaf lounge; where we had comfy seats and drinks and snacks. We took a window view seat and watched the planes on the tarmac; until our departure time. We made a stop to duty free to pick up a our bottle of rum to take with us as we were staying at a non inclusive resort. Once on the plane we were seated in the front row; they brought us some juice or water and a hot face cloth to freshen up. For meal we had the choice of vegetable stuffed canolli, salmon or chicken…we both chose the pasta and it was delicious. After watching “Bad Teacher” (too funny and dirty LOL) and a few glasses of wine we were there. Customs was very fast as we had nothing to claim as we had under the exemption of booze.

Shuttle This was interesting…it is very disorganized; you more or less stand there and keep repeating your hotel name every time a shuttle bus comes up while the AC rep monitors the crowd and yells to the girl paying the drivers to put you in the van…eventually we got there.

Resort – Ocean Club (the original Ocean Club)

Apparently the whole strip here in the Provo area are condos with the exception of Beaches and Club Med.  We could not have asked for a better room; it comfortably managed the two of us. Open concept with full size kitchen and washer and dryer; had a huge screened in deck with a door to the pool (you couldn’t exit from this door and lock it from your way out; you would need to lock it and exit your main entrance to your room if you weren’t going to be close by but great if you want to run into your room from the pool and grab a snack or a drink) I had originally wanted a 2nd floor room due to so many people usually walking by…but we were glad they “stuck” us in a 1st floor room.It was the best room we could have asked for. The room over looked the pool area; which over looked the gardens then the beach/ocean and you could pretty much see it all from our kitchen. It was nice to be cooking in the kitchen and see the beautiful pool and gardens and often kite board or sail masts go by the beachfront. In the mornings we’d make coffee and head out to the poolside and listen to the birds; cook at the gazebos by the pool in the evenings.

View from the room


With regard to food we did not find food anymore expensive than we do at home (of course there are some things but really it evens out)…we cooked the majority of our meals and may have spent around $650 on food including a trip to Yoshi’s Sushi restaurant in Salt Mills and a few meals at Club Cabano Bar & Grill (on the resort) a bottle of wine every night with our meals and some beer. We tried to get into Coco Bistro but it was booked and we waited to the last-minute of course to try to get in. We took a bottle of rum with us that we picked up at duty-free before boarding the plane…this was what we drank while we relaxed around the pool and beach.

The main pool was awesome we spent a lot of time there; the water was so refreshing and hardly anyone was at it made for a peaceful time. We had taken pool floaties but didn’t bother using them just floated around the pool ourselves. Plenty of towels they allow you to change your towels twice a day.

The main pool

There is beautiful foliage everywhere colourful flowers, geckos, birds and many little garden statues throughout the resort. Club Cabana Grill pretty good bar food here and totally recommend their conch fritters, pesto chicken with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes pizza; grouper fish…complemented with a Turks Head beer …totally hit the spot. My husband enjoyed the margaritas.

There was so much room on the beach it was very relaxing and people were not overcrowded; for a public beach there was no hounding from people trying to buy things or for you take excursions (it was very nice must say)…the excursions rep would just walk up and down the beach along the water waving a flyer for the services if you wanted it you’d go to him or flag him down.

The Beach 🙂

Birds spotted on the grounds of the resort:

1. Rufous Hummingbird

2. Kite- these birds were naughty…LOL

3. night-hawk

4. Bahama Mockingbird

5. Pelican

6. Green Heron (off resort near the golf course) – not sure what he was eating there as he was in the flowerbed

7.  Saw a white bird flying above the resort but not sure what it was maybe an egret

8. Osprey (this is Turks & Caicos national bird…who knew)

9.  Yellow throated warbler

10.  Mystery bird…

We took one excursion; an afternoon of snorkeling which was pretty good we went snorkeling near the reef saw many fish and corals; then went snorkeling in a limestone area for some conch and finished the trip with a stop to Half Moon Bay Beach/Iguana Island (created in 1960 from winds of Hurricane Donna) to shell our conch and the guides (these guys were awesome) made a salsa salad and we went walking around the island…I was looking for birds and others were looking for Iguanas and we all found what we were looking for…though I did have my eye out for some star fish but no luck to shallow of water.

One day we took a long walk to Coral Gardens area to snorkel (took just over an hour from Ocean Club)…it has a roped off area that you can snorkel on the outside we saw many colourful fish and a barracuda…the water was a bit rough so it wasn’t as clear as it normally would be. Down farther is smith’s reef and people had seen turtles and baby octopus (we didn’t venture that route…this time)

On the way back we stopped at Ocean Club West and took the shuttle to Ocean Club; we were pooped (mainly me 😉 )

When it was time to return home the shuttle return we had received conflicting information about when the Air Canada pick up time was for our flight; I had to call our travel agent to get it sorted out so eventually they showed up about ten after four for a 3pm pick up (what we were told in email and a call to our room)…the normal driver ended up sending his cousin over to pick up his run.

Regarding Air Canada there is no info binder at this location (like they have in Cuba); so you really don’t have a rep to talk to and provide guidance…she did come to the resort after I called her when she didn’t show up when she said she’d be there…she got tied up in AC strike calls)

All in all, the trip was a great place for romance and to kick back and relax. Both of us had a great time and will probably go back again and rent a car and hit up some more snorkeling.

For more photos click here –

Happy New Year and a reflection of 2011

We wish you, your friends and family a healthy, prosperous and a happy 2012!

Remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein…if things aren’t the way you want them make sure you aren’t doing the same thing over and over again ;).  Sounds easy enough 😆

This past year went by in a flash; I can’t believe it has come and gone already.  We have a lot to be grateful for!

  • We still have our health
  • Visits to (and from) friends and family…they may not be as often as we like but at least we try to keep in touch
  • Nature in our backyard; birds & deer visit our yard this year we had baby pheasants and even a red-winged blackbird.
  • A few kayaking excursions
  • Walked three 5k walks (Walk for Kids Help Phone (I organized this one through my work and we had a team of 7 and raised over $600…Go Team!), BlueNose, and the Jingle Bell Walk)
  • We got a brand new pair(s) of roller skates and I joined fresh meat at the Halifax Roller Derby association; a few improper falls (I still fall just better at it LOL) and I am still plugging away at it and now doing some of the head NSO (Non Skating Officials) stuff (when work doesn’t get in the way of it); not to mention I’ve met some wonderful people doing something I never thought I’d do.
  • 20 year high school reunion; was a fun night
  • Took a trip to Cayo Coco – stayed at Melia Cayo Coco and did a couple excursions :p – The fish right on the beach were awesome would come right up to you while you play around in the water.
  • Went to Ontario to visit my husband’s family during a weekend of a wedding ; it was a great time too much food and drink though 😮
  • Weekend trip to Montreal to see Montreal vs Calgary – this was totally unplanned and we got wicked free seats (next to the penalty box…) thanks to S @ P&H for arranging them;
  • Started eating healthier

Goals for next year:  Hope to do a trip South somewhere, Ontario again for another wedding and a 80th birthday.  Get out and use my camera more; maybe even save up for a new PC so I can actually do some photo processing.  Be more crafty(I should say use my craft tools)…I really should do my vision board again (and this time put it up).

We are going to ring in 2012 by starting with oysters and then some Chinese food later on while watching a few movies and toast at midnight; and try to head to the Emera Oval (yes the Oval is back) on New Years day for a skate.

What are you grateful for this year?

All the best to you for 2012; and thanks for being a part of our lives and making 2011 special.

Cayo Coco, Cuba 2011

So we’ve been back from Cayo Coco for less than a month now and it has been overcast or rainy pretty much every day…things could be worse considering the weather mother nature is dishing out around the world.  Hopefully things work out for these people who have lost their friends, families and belongings because of the forces of nature.

A little review of our trip…we travelled with Air Canada EC and stayed in a junior suite at Melia Cayo Coco next to the Beach grill and path to the beach.  It was nice to wake up to the waves rolling into shore and the birds singing in the trees (I do wake up here  to birds singing here but not the rolling waves 🙂 ).

The resort was nice and compact not too far to get from our room to the beach to the pool and restaurants.

Food – there were 3 a-la-carte restaurants International which was on the lagoon (seafood and French style food); Italian which was above the pool bar(loved the smoked salmon pasta); and the beach grill (seafood, chicken and pork).  There was also a full buffet with all the goods.  Food overall to us was good, of course it’s different from what we eat at home but to us that’s part of the experience of travelling is trying different things.  The best coffee that we found was at the lobby bar, the buffet coffee was not so good.


Activities – There is one swimming pool it is quite huge, we never found it over crowded in the pool but we did sometimes find it hard to get a lounge bed but managed.  There are some lawn games, archery, tennis and variety of other sports.  They also have a company that provides dancing lessons and Pilates as well as pool sports like volley ball and basket ball and Kayak racing in the pool.  You can also snorkel a bit off the beach we saw a few fish and when you first get in the water the fish come right  up to you looking for bread crumbs…so cool.  There is also a schedule activities you get when you check in that lists things like the train to Flamenco beach (nice beach bring your snorkel gear…lots and lots of starfish) the area has mangroves on the other side so there is a smell from that but if you are out swimming you probably wont notice it; they also take you into the bat cave (the bats seemed way bigger than the ones we saw at Varadero cave) which was pretty cool to see it is a bar at night.

Excursions – There are plenty of excursions to pick from.  We did the catamaran cruise with lunch and two stops for snorkelling. Beware that if you are drinking rum they mix the drink quite strong probably 60/40 (or more) and with the heat and sitting down you don’t realize how intoxicated you are…I did not last this night and was in bed before supper (waste of a night…).  We also did the excursion to Moron there was plenty to do; horse carriage ride through the city, speed boat ride in the mangroves, walk around the city, lunch and a couple of bands that played music and at the end of lunch they gave us each a bottle of their Cuban “medicine” Havana club white rum.  The tour guide for this trip was entertaining.

Other – the grounds were covered in flowers and the grass as lush as it can get in Cuba considering they haven’t had any rain since November ’10.  We took a walk to the Tryp Cayo Coco  to look at the resident flamingos and the resorts along the way did not look as colourful as the Melia (and after a long winter it was great to see the flowers at our resort).  We did eat lunch at the Tryp their buffet was good.  Lots of birds to see at the Melia Cayo Coco: hawks, heron’s on the lagoon, humming-birds and above the reception desk there was even a humming-bird building a nest there; even saw a snake on the first day under my lounge bed at the beach grill area – so I mentioned this to one of the tour guides and she said there is no poisonous snakes in Cuba only men…LOL.  There is a bus that will take you from the hotels up to Pillar Beach it is air-conditioned and costs $5(return)

Best Mojitos were at the pool bar!

If you are looking for a relaxation and sunshine we totally recommend this resort.  We loved atmosphere and the staff were really pleasant.

Take care for now


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