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Day 4… So far so good

Late one today.

I have one more day until the weekend and then… I will be eating a more normal routine and exercising a fair bit more… Hoping to get out for a bike ride, go kayaking and maybe a quad smart on the oval… We’ll see how time goes… If no extra exercise no extras for food and drink… Can’t have it both ways💋

Isn’t Brian sweet… Bringing home tea biscuits on a 1 carb day…. Which I already ate LOL. I think I’ll save them for a strawberry shortcake.🍓


This morning’s numbers

Weight 116 went up .8
Body fat was 25%. Woo hoo!🎉

My goal is around 115 so I am happy with this weigh in even though it went up. I did after all eat the skin on my chicken thighs last night…. Mmmmm

Have a good evening and congrats to all my team mates who had rank advancements today!  💎Quite inspiring💎

Day 3…extreme day

So today is my extreme day for meals… So I am having an extra carb, some fruits, seeds, and healthy fat…

I am not hungry for the most part… Just miss the carbs; I tend to go overboard with them so it’s good to take a break from them.

I love this plan… So easy even I can follow it LOL… So you know what that means? You can too. :p


My weight today was 115.2 >116
Body fat was unchanged.

For my lunch today I am having some Indian food chili chicken with rice


Our work out today was eccentric lower; we stream our workouts but Beachbody on demand was down for maintenance so we downloaded the guide and did the workout based on the book rather than no workout at all… We’ve changed so much in the past we would of walked away and said oh well and not done anything… Not anymore:)

How are you doing with your portion control… Are you on track to your health & fitness goals?

If you are stuck contact me…I can help you get going on a new path 🙂

Have a good day.
Coach SLang 🙂

Day 2 on track

Apart from smacking my head at 3:30 this morning… My day of clean eating went great…

My breakfast yesterday was Shakeology, then 1-2 hrs later sweet potato and 2 boiled eggs… Today it’s Shakeology then 1-2 hrs later egg white and sweet potato….


Today I am having pretty much the same foods… Learn meats and veggies.  Doesn’t seem exciting but they taste good and help with keeping me at a proper weight… Giving me more energy.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad but I find when I get bored I pick… So as long as I keep busy I’ll be good.

Down 2.4lbs > 116
Body fat  down .5% > 26%

Best program ever… If you think it might be for you send me a message… You are worth it!

Coach SL

Results from 3 Day Refresh

Finished the 3 day refresh on Monday night… weighed in and did measurements first thing on Tuesday.

I had a loss of 4.6 pounds and 4 inches…🏆I only took measurements on my belly bump scar, belly button and hips.

Overall I didn’t find it too hard… First day I had a bit of a headache…Of course I wanted my munchies and carbs…steak but it was only for 3 days so I knew I could have that in no time.  I have to say the only thing is I don’t think I would do this on a weekend next time… Just because you are out doing stuff and you might get a bit weak from the change of diet… Plus if you want to socialize it would be a bit hard… Especially if you get the hangries…

Side effects I had were head ache and some gas:o…also we ate pretty much the same meals  and didn’t workout just walked around 10,000 steps daily.

Next one is in about 3 months. ..I told Brian it wasgoing to be Labor Day weekend he promptly told me off….lol😂


3 Refresh Day 2 here I Come

3 Day Refresh

On Day 1 I have to say I was impressed on how I didn’t get very hangry… There were times I got hungry once before lunch… And then before bed but I stayed up close to two hours longer than I normally do.


Lunch I found was the most filling…salad, berries and a the vanilla fresh shake.


At bedtime I found I had a headache… And woke up with one but had a few sips of coffee and it is gone so maybe it was caffeine withdrawal.

Day 1 – I lost 2.8 lbs around 1.5″ of my belly area.

Our Results from P90

We finished up the P90 program on February 14th…All in all it is a great program; we never missed a day and followed for the most part the 21 Day Fix Portion program.  I didn’t lose the inches I did with 21 Day Fix but still improved my health so that’s the main thing.

Brian’s details

Nov 17 Weight 164; Feb 14 153

Nov 17 Chest 41; Feb 14 39.5

Nov 17 Waist 37.5; Feb 14 35

Nov 17 Arms  (R/L) 12/11 7/8; Feb 14 11/11.75

Nov 17 Legs (R/L)20/20 No change

Brian's P90

My Details

Nov 17 Weight 128; Feb 14 118.2

Nov 17 Chest 34.25; Feb 14 32.5

Nov 17 Waist 31.5; Feb 14 27.75

Nov 17 Arms (R/L) 11.5/11.25; Feb 14 10.75/10.75

Nov 17 Legs (R/L) 23.5 / 23 1/8; Feb 14 22/22

Sherry P90I will say that we didn’t fully apply ourselves with having wine with meals. So I think what we might of shaped up to be if we had of fully stuck to the plan..but such is life…it’s still an improvement from where I was.

We are awaiting the arrival of 21 Day Fix Extreme; so in the meantime we are doing PiYo 😀

Since I started this journey in April 2014 I’ve lost 26.4lbs (started at 144.6) and lost 8.25″ off my stomach area…comes off slow but at least it comes off!

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

What’s Your Why?

I guess in my last post I realized that my why for healthy lifestyle changed…in the beginning I was just tired of people constantly asking me if I was expecting (people I didn’t know as well as coworkers…) so that was my beginning of why I started this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

My why is now to be as healthy as I can be…if I was to ever get sick and wasn’t healthy (or somewhat healthy) that there is a chance I could never recover; which unfortunately I was headed in that direction (eating excessive, drinking and no and I mean no activity)…I don’t want to be in that situation…I am sure no one wants to be in that situation ever or see people go through it…

With all things something gets you started and your reasons for doing it change…that’s the cycle of life.  In the beginning I guess it was more image but now it’s changed to a better lifestyle for the future.

What is your why?  Vacation, to play with your kids, run a marathon, go for walks and not be winded…


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