Getting fit for Life

Day 4… So far so good

Late one today.

I have one more day until the weekend and then… I will be eating a more normal routine and exercising a fair bit more… Hoping to get out for a bike ride, go kayaking and maybe a quad smart on the oval… We’ll see how time goes… If no extra exercise no extras for food and drink… Can’t have it both ways💋

Isn’t Brian sweet… Bringing home tea biscuits on a 1 carb day…. Which I already ate LOL. I think I’ll save them for a strawberry shortcake.🍓


This morning’s numbers

Weight 116 went up .8
Body fat was 25%. Woo hoo!🎉

My goal is around 115 so I am happy with this weigh in even though it went up. I did after all eat the skin on my chicken thighs last night…. Mmmmm

Have a good evening and congrats to all my team mates who had rank advancements today!  💎Quite inspiring💎


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