Getting fit for Life

Day 2 on track

Apart from smacking my head at 3:30 this morning… My day of clean eating went great…

My breakfast yesterday was Shakeology, then 1-2 hrs later sweet potato and 2 boiled eggs… Today it’s Shakeology then 1-2 hrs later egg white and sweet potato….


Today I am having pretty much the same foods… Learn meats and veggies.  Doesn’t seem exciting but they taste good and help with keeping me at a proper weight… Giving me more energy.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad but I find when I get bored I pick… So as long as I keep busy I’ll be good.

Down 2.4lbs > 116
Body fat  down .5% > 26%

Best program ever… If you think it might be for you send me a message… You are worth it!

Coach SL


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