Getting fit for Life

What’s Your Why?

I guess in my last post I realized that my why for healthy lifestyle changed…in the beginning I was just tired of people constantly asking me if I was expecting (people I didn’t know as well as coworkers…) so that was my beginning of why I started this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

My why is now to be as healthy as I can be…if I was to ever get sick and wasn’t healthy (or somewhat healthy) that there is a chance I could never recover; which unfortunately I was headed in that direction (eating excessive, drinking and no and I mean no activity)…I don’t want to be in that situation…I am sure no one wants to be in that situation ever or see people go through it…

With all things something gets you started and your reasons for doing it change…that’s the cycle of life.  In the beginning I guess it was more image but now it’s changed to a better lifestyle for the future.

What is your why?  Vacation, to play with your kids, run a marathon, go for walks and not be winded…



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