Getting fit for Life

Last few months we’ve been doing kettlebells at Bell’s Taekwondo ; we use the kettlebells for a variety of exercise including the swing, high pull, snatches, squats and many more.  Really good for the core.



When we aren’t able to make a class we usually do our Fitdeck cards or play extreme kettlebell poker on our own; anything 5 or under you double 😮

  • Hearts – Swings
  • Clubs – Snatches
  • Diamonds – Presses
  • Spades – Squats
    • Jokers (pick one of the above and do ten)
  • Aces – Windmills

You can do this with any exercises.  It’s a good way to do some exercises when traveling; and it only takes an hour of the day.


Our six pack 🙂

Just recently we bought a speed ladder (for agility) and 6 different FitDeck cards to play around with…hopefully this will help me with my skating :)…having said that after the first time I went through the deck of speed ladder I thought I’d die…LOL

Besides exercise we’ve been using our Blendtec to make lots of green smoothies; some don’t always look great but they taste pretty good.  We also make soups in it using roasted vegetables and chicken broth; they are oh so tasty. These are not cheap but they really grinds up the fruits and veggies


Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli with Chickpeas


Roasted Broccoli sprinkled with jalapeno cheddar

Now that the warmer weather is here we hope to get our bikes and Kayak out 😀


Comments on: "Trying to keep a healthy lifestyle" (2)

  1. Pamela Hayes said:

    Great article Sherry, you truly inspire me with all the new things you try in life!


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