Getting fit for Life

It’s been a snowy and long winter even with going to Houston for two weeks in January; where it was cool and rainy (I jinxed myself before I left…telling the girls it would be like a Caribbean vacation of warm weather and palm trees). But one day I even had to use my room key to scrape frost off :o.

Seems like it snows every weekend…these pictures are from last weekend (Feb 9-10) where it snowed and blowed for two days…30-40 cms I think was the final tally.

Hot Tub

Who says hot tubs are all fun?


Brian shoveling a path to the snow-blower


It’s never to snowy for steak!

Wild Rabbit

Hare that visited the yard late December

As for Houston; I didn’t do too much in Houston (besides work) there was lots of rain and it was kind of cool (like around zero celsius) and I didn’t take any mittens with me; I did some shopping at Katy Mills (love that place) and laundry as I stayed there for two weeks lots of time to kill…on the way back from laundry spotted some hawks on the old Katy service road.

Hawk in Houston

Hawk in Houston


Even with a broken wing he can fly

I had a rental and needed gas; they have barely any full service gas stations (not that I am to prissy to pump my own gas…just had it blow up in my face one time…not fun) took me awhile to find one; he checked the tires and washed the windshield; he probably would have checked the oil too…I think they even had a red carpet at the pumps.  I did find it interesting that they have plenty of drive through restaurants and banks…Go figure :p

For more shots of Houston you can check it out here

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