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Is Roller Derby fixed?

I’ve been asked this a few times by my friends and colleuges…hell no it’s not fake!    Check out the beginning of this Roller Derby Revival video; these people were nasty.  Different time different place…derby today is more about strategically and safely getting through the pack to earn points for your team; following the WFTDA rules.  Yes we still bump and check but there are boundaries.

One of our previous Halifax Roller Derby members who is in the Annapolis Valley has even taken on starting up a valley league; maybe we’ll have a bout with them next spring.  Way to go Amanda 🙂 !  There is also another league brewing further up the valley near Granville Ferry area; they are calling themselves the Riptide Rollers…it is exploding here in NS.

As a FYI Halifax Roller Derby Association Fresh Meat intake is  the end of September; it is so nice to see the enthusiasm of the people wanting to get involved.  WFTDA Qualifications are coming up in January-February, so we can start to get teams ready to start having bouts with the other leagues. If you’re interested in joining email to find out how.

Our Halifax League was recently on the front page of the Chronicle Herald and also on CBC news and even appeared nationally way to go girls

~Sherry ~


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  1. I love that video. So glad you tried out for fresh meat 🙂

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