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Hey Freshie let’s Roll…

So after stalking the HRDA Facebook group off and on for about 6 months and going out to the practices to watch them skate…this past July I finally took the leap and joined up for Fresh Meat at the Halifax Roller Derby…if anything it will teach me handle myself better on roller skates. 

I was so tired and felt a little sore after the 2hrs of drills; it was a really great experience and the people they were really awesome and made me feel comfortable.  It was my only my 4th or 5th time on skates this year as I generally skate with my husband outside but it has been so rainy this past June we didn’t get out as much as we would have liked to.   BMO center even had public skates Tues & Thurs ($5).

Fast-forward to September…

So to me I feel like I’ve improved tonnes…I have a better centre of balance (very important) and don’t seem to fall as much.  I still fall but not as much but I am having trouble with stopping at high speeds (fear factor) when I get a good speed going I get a bit nervous and start thinking oh crap…I am sure that will pass the more comfortable I get.

The drills are somewhat fun (last night we did whips and weaving through the pack…last weeks we did jammer, packs and blocking…all very fun…except for the pushes ohhhh those suck 😉 ) but I have to stop thinking so much while on skates as I end up talking myself out of things to try…but it will come.  In the end if derby doesn’t work (I am no spring chicken LOL)  out at least I can skate better  plus there is always NSO (non-skating officials) positions available.

Here is a picture from Halifax 1st ever roller derby bout June 11, 2011.  Way to go!

Have a good day everyone and thanks for stopping by!


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