Getting fit for Life

On July 30th we had our 20 year high school reunion at the Spitfire in Windsor, NS.  It was a pretty good time.  I would say there was about 20 or so from our class and there was even one of the teachers was there which was kind of funny(Mr. Connolly not sure what he taught as I didn’t have him for a teacher)…then when I looked at the group shot my husband took of us it was almost like a class picture LOL…

Thanks to Kari for organizing this and to all that showed up:  Janet, Tamara, Lori, Stacey, Suzette, Tabatha, Kevin, Brad, Lorne, Zoe Ellen, Aaron, Tammy, George, Mike S, Troy, Mike C, Heather, Serena, Kari & me

HWRH Class of 91

Glad to see everyone is doing well and all the best…maybe we should aim for a 25 or a 30 year reunion 🙂

More pictures from this and a mini reunion we did a few years ago

All the best



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