Getting fit for Life

Last night I had some time after work so I headed to the Calgary Roller Derby Double Header at the Triwood Arena.

I headed out by bus (scared out of my mind but the drivers are pretty helpful) to the arena but due to the bouts finishing late I decided it safer to take a cab back to the hotel (thanks to the security guard who arranged a cab for me at first he assumed I was from Red Deer when I told him I came from out of town…LOL; he thought it was funny when I told him I was from Nova Scotia)

Daughters of Slaughter – Double Be-Header

G1 – Thrashin Lassies vs B52 Bellas


G2 – Cut Throat Car Hops vs Red Deer Nightshades


Thrashin Lassies wins the first bout by quite a gap score of 140 -87

Cut Throat Car Hops wins the bout by one point…it was close.  I think Lucy Flawless was the star of the bout…she had a 14 point Jam and got the team the win…there was a bit of drama and one skater was ejected from the game (something about misconduct to a ref).

Great bouts with lots of action; these ladies were rough.

These pics were taken with my BB in low light so they are far from great…I wasn’t sure if I could take my DSLR with me

Thrashin Lassies vs B52 Bellas


Cut Throat Car Hops vs Red Deer Nightshades


Twisted Axles doing a Panda Jump during one of the time outs…he is awesome on skates

Panda Jump


Comments on: "An outing to the Calgary Roller Derby" (4)

  1. glad you enjoyed the bout! for future reference, cameras are always allowed at our events. rollergirls love having their photos taken 🙂
    *cheetah von teese, b-52 bellas*

    • It was awesome but I was like I can’t believe I just joined fresh meat…this is rough :p…great thanks; I’ll bring my camera next time 🙂

  2. Roller derby is notoriously hard to photograph as the venues usually have dodgy lighting.

    Here’s some I like (not taken by me!):

    Did you ever end up trying out for fresh meat?

    • Thanks for the link I’ll check them out.

      I did join fresh meat…I really need to build my endurance up; I am getting better at not being so afraid to try things. I am going to do a blog on my fresh meat experience sometime soon I hope (not enough hours in the day)

      Take Care 🙂

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