Getting fit for Life

So our roller skates finally arrived and we headed to the school grounds to give them a try. I kind of want to sing “Brand New Key” AKA “I Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates” – I haven’t heard this song in years but did hear it the other night when we watched “Boogie Nights” (which I didn’t really care for…)

My gear

I have much to work on.  I need to keep my head up and keep forward and when I know I am going to fall relax, squat down a bit and go forward and go into a knee slide…easier said then done; when I feel I’ve lost my balance I panic and fall backwards and fall on my rear.   I am really thankful for our hot-tub for stuff like this 🙂

I used to roller skate years ago (like over 20 years 😉 ) and we ice-skated all winter when I got on these suckers it was a little freaky…

Though must say I was way better by the end of the morning; I could skate much better without losing my balance, and could stop properly (plow stop)…and Brian was skating circles around me…he is such a show off 😛

ta ta for now



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