Getting fit for Life

This is often the line I hear when I mention about going to the upcoming Roller Derby bout on June 11th Halifax vs Moncton.  I’ve been somewhat following HRDA along this the past 1/2 year or more these girls have come a long way in gathering team members and having practices every week…as much as I’d like to join the league I just don’t think I have it in me…but who knows;  maybe I could do something administrative for them and at the very least be a fan.

Halifax Roller Derby Association has four teams two home teams; one away team and a fresh meat team.  The track is flat track; not banked (which I prefer…not that it matters what I think 😉 )

I don’t believe the Halifax Roller Derby Association is part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association but there is a lot of good information on the derby rules and such.   They also have information on  how to watch Roller Derby.

A really awesome read about Roller Derby is Rollergirl: Totally True Tales From the Track.  She really gets into the comeback and life of roller derby.  Hell On Wheels was a good movie it is similar to the book, and of course there is Whip It which stars Halifax’s local celebrity Ellen Page, was a pleasant movie.  There is also a movie called Roller Town which should be coming out this year their tagline is “Disco Didn’t Die, it Was Murdered”…this was actually filmed here in Sept 2010.

If you like Roller Derby come out and support the team on June 11; I am sure they’d appreciate it.

I will soon be off to buy some skates; not sure if I will go with the classic white boot with red or blue wheels or a funky short derby shoe…can’t wait for the Oval to be finished.

anyway that’s enough roller talk for now…


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