Getting fit for Life

We have had some visitors in the yard the past few days and have to say that when the deer start to stare at me with that hard stare I get a little freaked out…especially when they turn themselves around as if they are going to make a run for me.

When I notice the deer (or any other yard critters) around the yard I sometimes take a few pics from the inside before venturing outside to get a few more…and like a couple of days ago for instance one of the fawns (which I didn’t realize was in the yard) was making her way around the back about the same time I was heading out the back door.  I opened up the back door to take a few pictures of the other deer she stopped right there and stared that deep intense stare…what are they thinking…have to say it freaks me out a bit.

Check out these pictures of the deer that have visited the yard over the past few days.

These two pictures I peeked around the fence to see her and snapped a couple of pictures (hence the glare on the left of the one)…the second picture she actually stuck her head out as if to look around at me…

Peek a boo


This Picture is the one where I was coming out the back door and she had just come around the fence.


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