Getting fit for Life

Not trying to rush the year away at all…but my husband and I are talking about doing something different for New Years eve this year…so we started with possibilty going to New York or Las Vegas; but then I found this site New Years Destination and the ideas are endless.

 A friend of mine has been to Las Vegas a few times and she so recommends it; we’ve been to New York before and I think I’d rather go when it is warmer I can go out in the cold at here at home…though it would be nothing like the drop of the ball at Times Square.  Who knows where we will end up for New Years might end up staying home in the company of friends or family…

We do have a travel agent looking in to it for us to lest us know when the packages come out for New Years…so we will see then just how feasable it is.

If you’ve travelled anywhere to ring in the New Year (or a prospective destination) let me know maybe we could check it out.


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