Getting fit for Life

Magic jars…they work!

We’ve been doing the “jar system” for a couple month’s after some convincing of my husband; it has been going good and haven’t been spending outside our set budget.  The jars are accumulating and that is awesome 😀  Thanks Gail for your resources they were a great accompaniment to your book Debt-Free Forever.

I believe I read on Gail’s blog that Til Debt is coming back…yay I can’t wait she is so good at encouraging those who want change and ticking off those who don’t; what I don’t is if you ask for help and she comes why would you fight it all the way for $5000 that you aren’t going to win not to mention the humiliation of being on TV airing all your business.

You can check out the Til Debt episodes on-line (in Canada)


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